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We have an extensive range of LED school signs and information displays that you can use in the educational field.  Our educational customers use our LED displays in environments such as receptions areas, canteens, staff rooms, recreational areas, sports LED signs and in corridors to relay information to many people.

We can also install outdoor LED sign welcoming boards to the school entrance or outdoor LED electronic scoreboards to the campus recreational field.

You can use them to show:

  • General daily information such as day, date, time etc., 
  • Class times, changes and cancellations.
  • Locations and relocations of classes.
  • Safety messages such as fire drill times.
  • Messages of congratulation.
  • Information for external visitors such as welcome messages, directional messages and promotional messages.

Large amounts of information can be conveyed on the LED signs to many people including students, teachers, parents and visitors.
Programming the screen is very simple and can easily be done by the administration team via PC.

You can see from the photo gallery above that we can customise your LED school signs by colour coding the case itself, vinyl graphics can be fixed to the displays in simple single colour or full colour graphics.  Often in primary and nursery schools this becomes quite a focal point and brightly coloured cases with exiting vinyl graphics and text are often used.

The LED signs can be extremely effective in Conference Centres where the attendees are, perhaps, unfamiliar with the surroundings and in particular their way around the buildings and can become an invaluable tool in advising and directing delegates to the correct rooms.

Our outdoor or indoor LED electronic scoreboards can be a very simple display with 2 lines of 2 digits, static lettering 'HOME' and 'AWAY'  with a 2 digit timer, or it can be a much more complex multi line display that will not only show the team names, time and score, but can also be informational detailing team players names, sponsors, refreshment availability and general school or college information.


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