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LED Advertising Billboards

LED Billboards - The Advantages

Electronic LED Billboard displays, compared to traditional billboards, have more flexibilty and advantages. Digital billboard displays can be programmed to display text, images and animations. By upgrading a static billboard or installing a new LED billboard display, placing 12 or 16 adverts onto one structure can increase profitability to the billboard owner by 12 times or more.

A digital LED billboard lets you display digital images that can be changed every second through an operating computer. The LED billboard is a great way to portray multiple adverts not only of your own business but multiple other businesses as well giving you a revenue stream.

If you are thinking about buying an LED billboard to start selling adverts onto then you need to speak to the experts to find out the ramifications and we believe that we are the best people to talk to without complicated jargon and hard sell.

Standard Billboard Sizes

We can build your screen to any size you'd like, but mostly LED billboards are built to standard advertising sizes such as 32 sheet, 48 sheet, 64 sheet and 96 sheet and our standard LED pitch for billboards is generally 6.67mm. But, of course, there are many other size combinations available, and there are many other LED pitches available, for example is you want a finer pitch with a much higher resolution. Give us a call and we can go through all the options for you.

24/7 Advertising and Multiple Adverts

We have come a long way from the early years of temporary posters and many billboards these days are permanent digital screens. This has opened up the world of advertising to a steady stream of multiple adverts all day every day.

LED billboards are large scale advertising displays, they are an excellent and very powerful means of advertising giving you first hand exposure to the public and potential customers. It will deliver your message to an audience 24 hours a day, 7 days a week giving total and continued exposure.

Easy to Operate and Update

The billboards are electronic full colour video screens and are controlled by PC with bespoke LEDsynergy software. The software is easy to use and you can upload content such as images, videos and new messages as often as you like instantly. The advertising possibilities are now endless.

Billboards situated by the roadside as advertising hoardings or at the entrance to sites such as shopping malls, business parks and leisure environments are ideal where large scale advertising to the masses is required. If viewable by traffic, regulations state that a single static image is shown, changing say every 10 seconds.

Turnkey System

We can supply all elements of the project from the steel framework to installation and commissioning of the screen aloong with support and maintenence.

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