Covid-19 Queue Systems

During this unprecedented time, businesses, hospitality and the retail sector are keen to re-open to keep their businesses and get the economy going, but also their key priority is to keep both staff and customers safe.

Our simple LEDsynergy queuing systems can be effectively used at point of entry to the building or store when limiting customer access. 

Our systems are easy to use for the staff and will notify the customer when it is safe to enter.

We have a variety of different systems, depending on what your requirements and application is.

Queue Signs


Ticket System

This system is the most basic, it consists of a simple LED sign and a ticket machine which will generate the number for the consumer.  The LED sign shows up to 3 digits, and it would be situated in a prominent place where people can see it and enter or approach a counter when their number is shown. For more information and to purchase this system click here.

Pager System

Pager systems are ideal for businesses such as restaurants, take away cafes and other such establishments where an order is placed or a place in the queue is established and the pager alerts the user when their food is ready or they can enter the establishment. For more information and to purchase this system click here.

Traffic Light System

This works very well in a retail environment, where you may have a long queue of waiting customers. The person on the checkout can press activate the traffic light from a controller to show green when a customer leaves the shop, enabling another customer to enter. For more information and to purchase this system click here.

Full Colour Information Screen


If your requirement is for something a little more sophisticated then any of our LED Information displays can be used as a queuing system. With our free LED sign software you can programme your messages to suit your business. The LED screens are suitable for use both indoors and outdoors and are operated by a controller. Messages can be pre-set and easily activated when required.

You can enter whatever message and however many messages you wish (depending on your size of sign) in different colours, for example:

"PLEASE WAIT HERE, only 4 people allowed within the store at any time", this could be shown in RED. Then once a customer leaves the cashier would activate the next message which can be shown for a pre-determined time, for example: "PLEASE ENTER, follow the arrows and keep 2 metres apart", shown in GREEN. You could also show an information message intermittently for example: " Opening times - Mon to Sat 9am to 5pm, Sun 10am to 4pm" shown in YELLOW.

For information about our COVID queue screens. LED software and to purchase one of our LED Screens and software, click here.


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