World's largest surface mounted LED displays installed at US stadium

World's largest surface mounted LED displays installed at US stadiumThe stadium which plays host to the Tennessee Titans American Football team is now also the best place to see what is currently ranked as the biggest outdoor LED display of its kind on the planet.

It is officially the NFL's second biggest video screen, but in terms of the surface mounted LED display market, it is unmatched.

The stadium possesses not just one, but two identical large scale LED displays, each of which is 157 feet wide and 54 feet high, providing a true widescreen aspect ratio.

The displays have only recently been installed and unveiled as part of a wider renovation of the stadium, which has also integrated an audio system, which consists of 800 speakers and a 1300 foot LED display that stretches around the pitch, providing signage for information and advertising.

The completion of the work was celebrated with a very special presentation which involved all of the elements in a multimedia extravaganza, that even ended up being broadcast on sports TV network, ESPN.

Titans head coach, Mike Munchak, spoke out about the benefits of having the new large scale LED displays in place, indicating that he thinks there is big potential possessed by the screens, which will be unlocked as the season progresses.

Mr Munchak said that the excitement of the crowd and their involvement in the games will be dramatically enhanced, thanks to these world class LED screens, according to Titans Online.

The displays are capable of showcasing high definition video content, which is vital in the modern era when HD TVs and even 3D coverage of sports have become prevalent. People can see high resolution imagery in their own homes, so it is important to make sure that the same effect is provided at sports stadiums.

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