New Samsung LED Signage To Rival Times Square’s

New Samsung Smart LED Signage has been installed in Seoul, with the impressive screen set to make the South Korean capital a rival for Times Square.

Earlier this week, Samsung Electronics revealed it has installed the largest LED signage in Korea at the COEX and World Trade Centre convention, exhibition and shopping centre.

AV Interactive reported that work on the installation began in September last year, taking seven months to complete.

It measures 1,620 sq m. uses up to 9,000 nit and is made out of 31,000 LED display modules, 10 mm apart. Therefore, not only is the board itself huge, but the pictures it emits are vibrant and bright.

Jinwook Kim of the Building Solution Group, which led the installation, told the news provider that “a clear and vivid image [can be seen] from all directions”.

The LED Signage uses the best of modern technology with its water and dustproof features, and provides 100,000 hours of use, making it reliable for a long period of time.

One of the most impressive features of the screen is its curved edge. The first case of curved signage display in Korea is said to look “totally breathtaking when seen upfront”.

What’s more, Sungwook Yoon from the Building Solution Group added: “This new display can be used to show one content item, or separately to show different content.”

When one picture is emitted from the screen across the curvature, there is no distortion in the image.

Seoul is not the first location to feature bespoke LED displays of curved screens, and Dallas Airport revealed recently it has installed three curved NanoLumens LED displays.

The Texas travel hub now features an impressive 5.4 m by 3.2 m pixel LED display around a pillar to show advertisements that target travellers.

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