New LED display is 'world's largest'

New LED display is 'world's largest'A casino in the US is claiming to have erected the largest all-weather LED display in the world and judging by the vital statistics this will be a hard claim to refute.

Harrah's Resort in the gambling hotspot of Atlantic City has just completed work on a 500 foot tall LED display, with the entire building being used as the backing for one of the most extensive LED systems ever seen.

The LED display is so large that some have compared it to the period when spotlights would rake the sky to attract customers to venues, although it is now the glow created by the thousands of LEDs that is lighting up the Atlantic City skyline when the sun goes down.

Each one of the four sides of the building is completely covered in LEDs, with the structure being intrinsically linked into the new LED system. The LED display is active from dusk until the early hours of the morning.

The firm behind the immense LED display has a long history of working with the gambling industry. It recently unveiled a 77 foot ribbon scrolling LED display, complete with animated content and customisable messages.

Although the LED display covers the entirety of the Harrah's resort, the technology has been installed in a way that does not impinge on the views afforded to the guests enjoying time in the many rooms offered by the hotel.

The LED display is designed to be viewed from a significant distance and those who are close to it are dazzled by the size of the pixels and the various colours which are visible, which is why its status as an LED display is often mistaken for that of a light show.

The fact that the Harrah's resort is located away from the main concentration of casinos in Atlantic City is partially the reason behind this LED display, allowing it to attract new arrivals.

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