New 360� LED displays offer greater versatility and a planned Indian launch

New 360� LED displays offer greater versatility and a planned Indian launchThe Litefast range of 360� LED displays is being expanded with new capabilities that will allow the all-encompassing impressiveness of their surround-viewing credentials to be bolstered with the ability to display multiple piece of content simultaneously.

German manufacturer and developer Kinoton, announced that it will now be allowing customer of its 360� Litefast products to showcase one video feed and two static images on a single LED display as the arrival of the new Motion model is confirmed. This is possible because the 360� display itself is divided into three separate 120� displays, which can be controlled in unison or separately for a thoroughly versatile digital signage experience.

The new three-tiered display format will allow advertisers to show a movie trailer or TV-style ad while also showcasing a poster for the relevant product. It also means that passersby can be given information about the venue or surrounding area, without requiring that promotional material is completely obscured, as the two can sit side by side.

Kinoton has also confirmed that it has struck a deal with an Indian marketing firm in order to bring the Litefast range of LED signs to various big venues across the nation.

The 360� LED displays are intended to be used in areas where consumers are constantly moving past, with travel interchanges, shopping centres, corporate lobbies and accommodation all recommended by the manufacturer and its partners.

At first the 1.3 foot high Litefast Mini and the seven foot high Litefast Magic will be available on the Indian market, but the latest Litefast Motion, which has only just made its debut, will not immediately join its siblings.

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