Mobile Billboards – All You Need To Know


Out-of-home advertising is a great option for many brands and chances are that you’ll be seeing more of this kind of marketing in the future, since it’s cost-effective, easy to achieve and gives you a chance to go out and meet your end consumers, rather than waiting for them to come to you.

Mobile billboards are the latest development where this advertising strategy is concerned and there’s no denying that they’re incredibly eye-catching. They’re not a hugely common sight at the moment, so a truck with LED screens all over the side will really turn heads when it pulls up at a red light.

What’s great about this particular strategy is that you can easily tailor your marketing messages to suit your target consumers, as well as other variables like the time of day. So, for example, if you’re a restaurant and you want to shout about your latest meal deals at lunchtime, simply head off to where you know your customers are before lunch and display your menu on your video wall. Or if you run a nightclub and want to pinch some punters, promote your events after work in busy parts of the city by driving around after 17:00 so you can catch people as they leave the office.

While traditional billboards will always have a place – and there’s no denying that they can look stunning and as eye-catching in their own right, a la Times Square in New York – the advantage that mobile billboards have over them is that they can go anywhere and at any time, which makes it far easier to reach your target market.

You will, of course, have to make a few minor tweaks to your ad campaigns if you’re used to featuring your messages in traditional billboard format. For example, mobile billboards are smaller than their original counterparts, so you’ll need to tailor your message to fit the medium. Calculate your optimal viewing distance so that people can see what’s going on easily, keep your messages short and try to use bold colours to really capture people’s attention.

An absolute must to include, however, is a call to action. Branding of your service is unlikely to produce really trackable results unless you’re marketing an event or product launch. You should always include contact information, offers and discounts that will likely prove appealing to your audience. It would also be a good idea to follow your truck around for a bit so you can take a few photos and videos of your own to upload on your social media sites. Why don’t you think of offering a prize to the first five people who send in pictures or videos of your mobile billboard?

If you’re looking for a different way to reach people this year, this could well be it. Why don’t you look into it to see if it could be workable for you and your business? 

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