LED street signage developed

LED street signage developedA number of solutions which currently require the use of incandescent and fluorescent lighting are gradually being superseded by LED systems that can offer improved energy efficiency and better durability.

These are important facets for street lighting and traffic signage in particular, since the taxpayer is usually responsible for funding the rollout of such setups and getting better value for money, combined with improved environmental friendliness, will please a wide audience.

ZDNet reports that an LED lighting firm, is developing a new range of products that are designed with this in mind.

The StreetSense LED lighting is being built to provide illumination for pre-existing static street signage.

That means things like advertisement hoardings and roadside information boards, which require independent light sources to remain visible, can be illuminated by LED bulbs that are around 30 per cent more energy efficient than older alternatives, according to the firm.

In addition the longevity of the LED units means that they can remain operational at up to 70 per cent of their original brightness capacity, after they have passed the 60,000 hour usage mark.

The result is that the lights do not need to be replaced or repaired as regularly, which helps to cut costs and generally improve the sustainability of any municipal lighting project.

In total, it is estimated that local authorities could save up to 75 per cent on the cost of illuminating road signs if they chose to use LED systems, instead of traditional solutions.

Of course, it is still necessary to actually convince councils that they should spend the money necessary to upgrade to LEDs, because it can be hard to see the long term benefits if there are short term costs to manage. Hopefully, those with foresight can appreciate why LED technology offers the promise of a brighter, cheaper future.

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