LED Stools Signal ‘Bad Posture’

When you buy LED message signs, the message you want to put across can be written on the wall in the most literal of ways. However, using colour as a signifier is also a powerful way to use these tools, and we've seen LED displays used in this way in everything from shops to go-kart tracks.

This invention, written about by Digital Trends, however, is something a little bit different. Yes it uses colour to tell you whether something is good or bad, but in a more interesting way. We know by now that sitting down for long swathes of time can be bad for you, but when you're engrossed in your work, it can be hard to remember to get up and stretch your legs. But what if your chair could tell you when it's time to get up and move around?

That's the idea behind this LED stool, created by German research organization Fraunhofer. It's fitted with various sensors and LEDs, offering colour-coded feedback on how you're sitting – including more detailed information sent to your phone via an app.

The sensors will help identify any incorrect posture, look at weight distribution on the seat and encourage healthy movement.

As part of the development of the product, the researchers also created games using the stool, which could be controlled by shifting weight and making specific movements with the body. They re-worked classic games such as Pong using these controls.

However, there are no immediate plans to make this a commercial product at present.

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