LED Screens Used For Broadway Musical Set

With the technology for LED screens ever improving, they are being utilised in more and more settings in increasingly innovative ways.

One of the latest novel uses of LED screens is as the set for a new Broadway musical of Mean Girls, where these have been used to create video sets to give a stunning backdrop to the live performance .

Speaking to ET Now, co-founder of FRAY Studio, which is behind the exciting set, Adam Young explained why they chose LED screens over projection, which is more often used in theatres.

“Because the show’s set is entirely LED, we could use colours and tones that we haven’t been able to achieve with projection,” he said.

Mr Young also noted that because “the brightness of the screen can compete with onstage lighting” they were able to create video content of dark night skies or moonlit gardens without the worry that it would be washed out by the stage lighting.

The team also revealed that they used pink perspex screens over the LED displays to take away the harshness of the light and ensure it was still suitable for an intimate theatre environment.

There are two fixed curved LED screens that make up the set, along with six sliding LED panels that can be moved in and out as required.

We recently highlighted the opening of one of the world’s first LED cinemas in Switzerland, which has been created by Samsung.

The firm explained that because there is no projection beam, the screen can create both flat and scope formats while maintaining the picture quality.

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