LED Screens on one of the largest Campuses in the World!

Construction work on the Sabah Al Salem University City in Al Shadadiyya, in Kuwait, is on track for completion in 2019.

The project covers 6 million sq m and includes the main campus and the health sciences centre campus, apart from support services, including student hostels and allied facilities.

Construction work at the main campus includes projects at: The College of Art and College of Education; College of Architecture (COA) and College of Computing Sciences and Engineering (CCSE);  College of Business and College of Women; College of Engineering and Petroleum; College of Science and the Faculty Club;  College of Social Science, Shari’a and Islamic Studies, and Law.

The colleges in the university are expected to accommodate a total of 40,000 male and female students.

We are proud to announce that LEDsynergy have been fortunate enough to have been part of this prestigious project. Our electronic LED signage has been installed into several areas within this very large University Campus.

Four large full colour video screens have been installed totalling over 43 square metres of 4mm pitch LED screens, one of the smaller ones can be seen here on the right installed into a communal area at the College of Business and College of Women.

Full Colour Video displays are becoming  more and more common in educational environments as they are a superb medium for conveying large amounts of information to large amounts of people both quickly and efficiently.

Content can be changed immediately or can be scheduled within a set programme. The screen content can be as imaginative as you wish combining static images, text information, video, animation and live feed, giving the end user a huge amount of flexibilty of getting the message across.

Along with the video screens, we have supplied two large scale Ticker displays to the University which are automatically running live feed News to both students, staff and visitors alike.

The larger of the two Tickers is some 86 metres in length by half a metre high and the second is 18 metres in length.

At LEDsynergy we have installed a number of Ticker dislays into educational establishments such as Cardiff University and Kingsdton University as well as many offices and banks across the world. 

Not only can the Ticker displays show general news information when connected to a newswire service such as BBC or CNN, but also stock market prices and share price movements when linked to a live feed such as Reuters, Bloomberg, Dow Jones etc .

Our vast range of electronic LED displays are well suited to educational establishments whether the project is a University, College or School. We install displays such as full colour Video screens to outdoor areas, indoor receptions and halls, LED Tickers to communial areas such as common rooms or restaurants and LED Scoreboards, full colour or LED digit to outdoor pitches and indoor sports halls.

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