LED News Ticker for Global Internet company's new HQ



Google hails Britain as a ‘great home’ for its new £1bn Kings Cross building adjoining its other building nearby Pancras Square making a truly impressive London HQ, where 7000 staff will enjoy sleep pods, sports facilities, chill out areas and even a rooftop terrace with fields and meadows.

Stock tickers have been around for years, but with the evolution of display technology, it has become common for LED screens to broadcast the latest information from the markets to brokers and specialists around the world.

A new LED display is adorning the interior of this internet giant in the heart of London, acting as a large scale stock/news ticker reaching its 700 employees with up to the second information. The LED display is 260mm high and has a length of over 7 metres.

It takes advantage of latest LED technology from LEDsynergy, who have worked with Electrosonic, a global audio-visual design and engineering company, on this project. The LED display itself benefits from having a higher resolution than many older stock tickers, which means that the information it showcases is far more legible. This is very important in the high pressure world of business, because one mistake could cost millions.

LEDsynergy installed a similar display at Pimco, a global investment solutions provider, the lightweight LED display was chosen because this type of solution requires less maintenance and consumers less electricity than traditional alternatives.

The display runs on the latest software and can be integrated with other systems, to help provide up to the second data for those viewing it. Spokesperson, Chuck Hulbert, said that the LED screen was a stunning addition to the trading floor, it makes an impressive impact on visitors to the offices befitting a company such as Pimco and it was certainly money well spent. 


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