LED displays play central role in Obama's second inauguration

LED displays play central role in Obama's second inaugurationThis week all eyes were on America for the official inauguration of President Barack Obama, beginning his second term in office at the head of the world's most powerful nation.

While the first ceremony held back in 2009 was a historic event, many argue that this second showing and the fact that Obama has four more years in the White House, is actually more significant.

Tens of thousands were present at the event itself, with many millions more watching the broadcast live. This means that most will have got a glimpse of the many large scale LED displays that were in place, positioned strategically in front of the Capitol building in Washington, to give everyone the best possible view of proceedings.

One of the LED displays is the largest of its kind in the world, because it is capable of showcasing high definition content and is also entirely mobile. This means it can be set up and taken down quickly, which makes it perfect for one-off outdoor events like this.

This particular screen has a total surface area of almost 630 feet and uses a widescreen aspect ratio to make the best use of the available footage.

Three more high definition LED displays, with smaller surface areas, were arrayed across the site, so that those who took the time to come down in person were given a good look at the inauguration.

A variety of broadcasters were also at the event, with news network, CNN, harnessing a modular LED display made up of multiple units, in order to form the backdrop of its set.

This kind of LED display is also useful for temporary arrangements, because it can be easily installed in whatever space is available, allowing for some inventive applications.

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