LED displays mounted on London's bus stops

LED displays mounted on London's bus stopsA new initiative is seing the rollout of LED displays across the UK's capital, although these screens are being put in places which have been previously neglected.

The roofs of bus stops around London are being endowed with these LED displays so that people sitting on the top deck, or indeed anyone in a nearby building on a floor above ground level, will be able to see the animated images which are showcased on each.

The LED displays are not connected to a fixed line network, in order to allow remote control over the content. Instead they harness 3G networking, so that they can be monitored and modified in real time.

Twenty different London boroughs are getting the bus stop displays and, with a red and black monochrome colour pallet and a resolution of 256x80, they will certainly be eye-catching, particularly during the night time hours.

It will be possible to vary the brightness throughout the day, to make sure they remain visible regardless of ambient lighting conditions. Meanwhile, animated GIF files will be able to be streamed to the screens over the 3G connection, from a centralised server system, so that each display is consistent with up to date content.

Interestingly, the displays are not purely an exercise in advertising but are, instead, being run in order to give local communities a voice. They will also be offered to a number of artists, so that they can spread a creative message.

Spokesperson, Alfie Dennen, told Wired.co.uk, that this project is deliberately designed to give an old-school look, thanks to the use of red LEDs.

This type of project is increasingly interesting because it takes LED technology and turns it into part of a public conversation about art. It will certainly make sitting on the top deck of a bus more exciting.

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