LED Display And Mounting Options ‘Grow In Parallel’

Just as the options for outdoor electronic signs grows with the rise and rise of LED display technology, so does the market for mounting these systems - which can be no easy task when dealing with the enormous units hoisted above sports venues and outside conference centres.

Commercial Integrator reports that while mounting is the considerably less sexy side of LED technology - which is the must-have display technology of today thanks to its brightness, clear image and flexibility in terms of size.

Sales Engineer at Premier Mounts Shaun Roos was quoted by the news source as saying: “LED is becoming a popular item nowadays. It’s the brand new shiny toy everybody wants. All the major LED display companies are now getting involved in fine pitch direct view LED, such as Samsung, Christie, Leyard, Planar and NEC, just to name a few. Name a big display company, and chances are they’re entering direct view LED.”

But Roos acknowledged for the growing popularity of LED signage, there is a diverse array of mounting challenges to tackle and it is companies such as Premier Mounts that are facing these challenges with LED-specific mounting solutions such as mounts especially for rear-serviceable LED cabinets, or solutions that work depending on how the chassis come together.

The Premier Mounts team has even developed a giant scissor mount that provides 24 inches of rear access when fully extended to allow the installer to get behind the LED and to mount and service it as required.

The global outdoor LED market is expected to reach upwards of $40 billion (£29 billion) by 2025, Coherent News reports.

As well as their good pixel rate, design flexibility and brightness, the energy efficiency factor is a huge growth driver for this technology, while constant product innovation and integration of new technologies is driving the evolution of LED technologies forward apace.

Furthermore, increasing demand for billboards, stadium screens, perimeter boards, scoreboards and video walls is expected to boost outdoor LED display growth, the report stated.

Indeed, it is this flourishing outdoor LED display segment of the international LED technology market that is expected to drive growth, namely the outdoor LED billboard display thanks to its cost effectiveness, good visibility, dynamic content and increasing popularity driving competitive procurement.

Surface mounted LED display technology is expected to show the highest compound annual growth rate due to rising demand for energy efficient technology, low operating costs and screen dynamics, which is why this technology is especially in demand at sporting and events venues, overtaking traditional systems.

One such example of this is the new Samsung Smart LED recently installed in Seoul, South Korea, in a display said to rival Time Square in New York City, AV Interactive reported.

The display measures 1,620 sq m and is made with 31,000 LED display modules making an enormous system, which is why it has taken seven months for Samsung to complete it.

The installation was led by Jinwook Kim of the Building Solution Group, which told the news outlet that residents and tourists in Seoul would be able to see a clear, vivid image from the display visible in all directions.

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