LA's Staples Centre gets new LED display

LA's Staples Centre gets new LED displayA new multi-faceted LED display has had its first showing at the Staples Centre sports arena in Los Angeles. The display hangs in the middle of the large arena directly above the field of play and it has a total of eight separate screens to make sure that all of the fans who visit events are able to see the action and stay up to date with news and information without having to crane their necks.

The whole of the LED display rig weighs more than 21,000 kilograms and around 5.2 million individual LEDs go to making up the pixels on its surface. This allows for high definition images to be displayed for replays and advertisements and above and below each main display are supplementary LED ribbon displays that carry scrolling text.

The LED board was developed by Panasonic and features all sorts of cutting edge technology, such as the ability to playback HD video in a 720p resolution. Current estimates put this LED display as the largest of its kind in the world and if it is successful, it will act as the blueprint as the next generation of boards are rolled out across the US and around the globe.

The viewing angles are impressive on these new LED displays, with horizontal and vertical viewing still possible, right up to 140 degrees and a high contrast ration of 8000 to one will allow every visitor to get the very best experience from them.

Panasonic has made sure that it is possible to synchronise all eight of the central screens so that inventive, immersive content can be displayed and advertising can be presented in an impressive way.

Staples Centre VP Lee Zeidman, said that he was proud to showcase this global first and said that in the 11 years since the arena opened, Panasonic has been an excellent partner for the various LED board setups.

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