iPad's LED display to be superseded

iPad's LED display to be supersededThe new iPad has been on the market for only a month, but its high resolution Retina Display with LED backlighting is already being talked about as old news by manufacturer Pixel Qi.

The Retina Display for the new iPad, which is the third iteration of Apple's tablet range, packs in the pixels to deliver a native resolution of 2048x1536. This is effectively twice the resolution of its predecessors, spread over the same 9.7 inch screen.

Few other tablets can match the new iPad when it comes to pixel density, but the increased resolution made it necessary for Apple to create new LED backlighting technology, to bring it to life in a suitably bright manner.

This meant that the new iPad had to be slightly thicker than its predecessor, the iPad 2. Some fans were disappointed in this slight step backwards in terms of design, which is where the screens from Pixel Qi might be more impressive.

The manufacturer is boasting that the latest display technology that it has developed will help its screens to use 100 times less power than the Retina Display onboard the new iPad. This would presumably allow device developers to use slimmer batteries and thus address the issues with increasing thickness, which hampered the new iPad's reception somewhat.

In terms of real world performance, Pixel Qi is confident that its latest displays will be able to equal that of the new iPad in many respects, often besting Apple's tablet. This will, presumably, mean that both the resolution and brightness will be able to stack up effectively against the Retina Display.

LED screens are becoming increasingly important for tablet manufacturers, with many consumers hoping that the next generation of devices will bring things up to the next level by using Organic LED (OLED) displays.

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