LEDsynergy Helping Passengers to find Spaces at the Airport


JetParks are the official Manchester Airport off-site parking company, with parking available just a short bus ride from the terminal as well as parking next to the terminal.


LEDsynergy has installed a new LED display into the car park to be able to inform the public when they arrive about spaces. One of the principle complaints to the airport from passengers using the car parks was that when they arrive they found it very difficult to find car parking spaces in the very large car park. So the airport decided to enlist LEDsynergy in solving this problem. We have installed an LED display which tells the drivers exactly where there are spaces and in what zone.


“All is well with the first display and has had a very positive response from staff ... we will start getting some good customer feedback in soon too. “ said Airport Management


The display has eight small LED displays each assigned to a zone which will indicate spaces or full. The display also has a single line information display built into the sign to keep people updated about car park news and information. The LED sign is being continually updated with current information about spaces in the car park.


The sign is 3000 x 1480mm and is prominent with a JetParks logo banner above. Each LED segment is 8 x 128 pixels with a 16mm pitch. The information line is 8 x 128 pixels.


Call: 01264 30 30 30 or Email: sales@ledsynergy.co.uk