Children's game incorporates LED screen

Children's game incorporates LED screenA new toy is helping children to learn to write by using an LED screen.

The Scribble and Write, released by LeapFrog, forms part of a new range dedicated to making learning fun and interactive, according to the company.

Children are taught how to write the alphabet on an LED screen which displays individual letters for them to trace.

The toy slowly increases in difficulty meaning children can begin by learning simple shapes then graduate towards identifying lower and upper case letters.

Craig Hendrickson, senior vice president of the company, explained that the LED-based toys can help children to learn.

"True to our heritage, we deliver the engaging play experience parents expect from LeapFrog, while introducing a broad range of early learning skills," he said.

Other products in the range include soft toys which can be programmed with children's favourite songs and the Text and Learn, which aids development of computer skills.

Leapfrog previously released its Fridge DJ Magnetic Learning Radio which incorporates an LED screen which displays animations.

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