Birmingham gets Europe's biggest outdoor LED display

Birmingham gets Europe's biggest outdoor LED displayThe biggest LED billboard in the entirety of Europe has recently been unveiled to the public near Birmingham.

The display is mounted on the M6, just at junction 9, which means that each week it is passed by about 1.72 million people who are using the road, giving it significant reach.

This is on top of the six million people who live in the Midlands and will be very aware of this high profile screen over the coming months and years.

The LED display is 65 metres long and comprised of two distinct panels, giving it a total surface area over 468 square metres. It is roughly the same length as a Boeing 747 airliner and is one of the most prominent aspects of a multi million pound digital signage rollout, being instigated by the manufacturer.

As well as showcasing major advertising campaigns, the LED display will be used to market local community projects and other initiatives which are relevant to the Birmingham area.

This will include charities, community radio stations and other organisations deserving of such impressive publicity.

The number of large scale outdoor displays close to the UK's motorways is growing, although such installations are still relatively rare, when compared to some other countries.

The fact that this setup is the largest of its kind in Europe will definitely draw the attention of a wide audience and act as something of an attraction in its own right.

Operated by one Outdoor Media, the screen joins a number of other large scale displays that are on this firm's books. Spokesperson, Christian Clayton, explained that these big format LED displays gave British businesses a unique opportunity to address modern, mobile audiences wherever they happen to be going.

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