Apple’s iPhone X LED Screen Made For Facial Recognition

The hotly-anticipated iPhone X from Apple is set to feature a premium quality LED display manufactured especially to support the tech giant’s new facial recognition system, reports claim.

According to information obtained by Business Insider, an Apple analyst has told investors that all iPhones to be released next year will be launched on time and boast an enhanced facial recognition system after recent delays in releasing expected numbers of the iPhone X abroad caused some concern.

The iPhone X will break the mould in comparison with other models, however, with an all-glass, waterproof design almost entirely comprised of a new organic light emitting diode screen, replacing the home button and Touch ID feature with a biometric recognition unlocking system.

According to Business Insider, manufacturing the screen and the camera to facilitate the Face ID recognition was both difficult and time-consuming, delaying the launch of the iPhone X by around six weeks.

The recently released iPhone 8 and 8 Plus meanwhile are follow-ups to the earlier 7 versions and are not as advanced as the groundbreaking X model. By the end of the year, an estimated 20 to 30 million iPhone X handsets should be ready for customers - earlier iPhones have reached the 40 million threshold, however. Next year, manufacturing is set to stabilise following this year’s delays.

The flagship iPhone celebrates its 10th anniversary this year - the X model is being released to mark the event, with the X representing ten in Roman numerals. Handsets are expected to be shipped to customers in the UK from November 3rd.

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